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Die Blank Types

Micrometer Seating Die
Our new micrometer seating die has an in-line 316 stainless steel stem with a conical bullet seat for accuracy and repeatability. All stems have a 0.0002” clearance for alignment and 0.500” adjustment for seating depth. Comes ready to ream in 17 to 30 caliber. The large easy to read micrometer head has position set locking. The left set screw can be adjusted to create friction on the micrometer spindle so the setting cannot be easily moved. The set screw on the right locks the spindle. The super precision Mitutoyo micrometer head has a 0.0001” accuracy guarantee.

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Micrometer Head Upgrade
Upgrade your standard Newlon seating die.
(complete top & micrometer)

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Body and Forming Dies
Body Dies and Forming Dies come ready to ream with the pilot hole of your choice.

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Sizing Dies
Sizing Dies comes ready to ream with the pilot hole of your choice. You choose the type of die you want to build; neck die, bump die, full length die, etc. You have complete control of where the case is sized and how much.

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Seating Dies
Our seating dies have an in-line stainless steel stem with a conical bullet seat for accuracy and repeatability. All stems are hardened and have a 0.0005" per side clearance inside the die cap for alignment and 0.500" adjustment for seating depth.

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Other Products


Improve Accuracy
Use your custom chamber reamer to finish your custom die for the perfect match between cartridge and chamber.

Die Blanks
Our Die Blanks are used by custom Gunsmiths world wide to achieve the minimal amount of case sizing for accuracy and to extend case life. Die Blanks allow the gunsmith to control quality and delivery of dies to the customer.  You have complete control of how much sizing and where the sizing takes place- neck, length, base and body taper.

Bushing Type Sizing Dies
Our Dies use standard 3/8 x 1/2 Wilson, Redding and Hornady bushings.

CNC Built
416 Stainless Steel or 12L-14 Steel (non-hardened)

Ready to Ream
Standard Pilot Hole Sizes 17 to 45 Cal.
Just ream die and cut to length.

Our Guarantee
If for any reason you're not satisfied with our product, just return it in the original condition for a full refund.


Turret Level Cap (T.L.C.)
New Target Turret Level Cap for Leupold Scopes! We put the level bubble where the level bubble should go. Once installed, your new Target T.L.C. actually becomes an integrated part of the scope (not a secondary attachment or add on.) This makes the Target Turret Level Cap not only useful as an anti-cant device, but also as a gunsmithing tool to set-up and level the scope during initial scope mounting. CNC machined from 6262 aluminum and anodized in matte black, matte silver and glossy black. We only use premium European made level vials. Available in both standard and target heights. Fits all Leupold scopes except MK4.

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Muzzle Brake Blanks!
With gunsmiths in mind, we offer our Muzzle Brake Blanks. CNC machined from your choice of 416 Stainless Steel or 4140 Steel, the blanks are 2.0” long and come in .730”; .855”; and .980” diameters with 1/2-28; 9/16-28 and 5/8-24 threads. You can mix and match thread sizes, diameters and steels. Comes standard with a pre-reamed .250” exit hole. Hole pattern and caliber must be finished by a qualified gunsmith. Quantity discounts available!

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Crown Savers

With crown savers you never have to recrown the barrel when installing muzzle brakes or doing any job requiring a center in the end of the barrel crown.
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The Accurate Muzzle Brake
This is a illustrated guide book on how to build muzzle brakes.
Chapters include: How Muzzle Brakes Work, Muzzle Brake Design (Hole Patterns & Hole
Diameters, Exit Hole), Accuracy (Crowning the Muzzle Brake, Muzzle Brake Steel,
Indexing the Brake, Job Set-Up, Crown Savers), Building the Brake (Tooling Set-up,
Threading the Brake, Tapping on Center, Milling and Drilling, Hole Patterns),
Threading the Barrel (Turning the Thread Diameter, Set-Up for Threading, Calculating
Angular Depth, Thread Inserts, Thread Fit and Classification, External/Internal
Thread Dimensions), Muzzle Brake Accessories. 8-1/2 X 11 Format, 60 Pages.

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Die Sizes


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